The Search Plan & Market Research

altDevelop a complete job description and a message to communicate the career opportunity to prospective candidates. Identify target industries/companies. Submit written progress reports to the client periodically.


Identifying & Attracting Quality Candidates

altIdentify candidates utilizing a wide variety of industry appropriate resources:

  • Direct Candidate Sourcing
  • Industry Associations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Social/Business Networking Sites
  • In-House Database

Candidate Screening & Evaluation

altCreate a short list of qualified candidates for consideration based on these key factors:

  • Appropriate background and industry experience
  • Face-to-face/televideo interviews to assess candidate background and experience as it pertains to specific position requirements
  • Assessment of the candidate's organizational "fit" with that of the client's corporate culture

Candidate Presentations

Present a shortlist of candidates after face-to-face interviews.  Provide client with a verbal assessment of each candidate as well as written interview summaries, which complement the resumes and provide additional background information.


Candidate Selection

Coordinate meetings with client interview team. Provide useful feedback to both client and candidate.  Assist in determining final steps in the hiring process.


Reference & Credential Verification

Conduct comprehensive and well-documented reference checks, and credential/salary verifications.


Offer & Acceptance

Provide assistance to the client and candidate of choice with regard to negotiating all aspects of the compensation package including salary, bonus, relocation benefits, etc.


Post Placement Monitoring

Conduct conversations with client and candidate periodically to assure that progress is being made toward the stated position goals and objectives.